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Azienda Edisfera

febbraio 2018

edisfera realizes the new graphic-editorial restyling of the brand portal Gynefam.it, dedicated to the line of pregnancy supplements of Effik Italia, a pharmaceutical company specialized in the therapeutic area of Gynecology.

The project involved new graphics and a reorganization of the editorial layout of the brand portal, developing it in responsive design, therefore mobile friendly, with a new home and a new content and navigation tree, which includes in-depth thematic areas, online tools and the area dedicated to the presentation of the Gynefam brand of pregnancy supplements.

For edisfera it is a new project of digital pharmaceutical marketing that marks the entry into its portfolio of a new customer in this sector.

Gynefam.it is in fact the eighth brand portal in the pharmaceutical sector created and managed by edisfera and Effik Italia brings to 5 the number of pharmaceutical companies that have relied on edisfera digital marketing services. The others are Italfarmaco, Lifepharma, Biomedica Foscama Group and Inpha 2000.

Here is the home page of the new www.gynefam.it:

Gynefam.it Homepage