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Edisfera internet projects

The Search Engine Marketing is the set of activities that will achieve greater visibility of a web site on search engines.

Visibility through search engines has a strategic value not to underestimate*, in fact:

  • 90% of customers use search engines as a support to navigation;
  • 80% of customers do not go beyond the first two pages of results;
  • 55% of customers expect to find the leading companies between the first results of a search;
  • 33% of customers believe that companies appearing between the first results of a search are field leader;
  • 80% of potential customers are lost if a company does not appear between the first two pages of results of a search.

* data from CommerceNet/Nielsen Media

The ranking on search engines (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) is the main web marketing tool that a company should use to give visibility to its brand and products.

edisfera offers search engine indexing and ranking with the aim of increasing access and bringing a qualified target to its own web site.

Organic SEO is website optimization based on the natural search engine results as opposed to sponsored links. Organic SEO is a slower process but will keep your website appearing on the search result pages for an indefinite length of time. One of the most important requirement for the organic SEO is that your website must have relevant and updated content and other authoritative websites links to your site.

This service of SEO can be provided in different packages depending on the result and the budget.

Moreover, we manage campaign Pay per Click (i.e.: AdWords by Google) where the link is positioned in a payment area of high visibility.

Edisfera’s main SEO activities:

Keyword Analysis
Site and word content analysis is the key to SEO. Through the use of different tools, it becomes possible to analyse which words are most sought after and place them in an organic way within the pages of your website.

Analysis of competition
Market overview and competitive analysis enables you to find out  who your competitors are and what they do and also provides information about their web traffic and which keywords they make us of. All these factors are important to outline an accurate and optimal positioning strategy.

Indexing and optimization of your site pages
We provide activities aimed at making the website “search engine friendly” by building pages with the appropriate HTML and CSS, which include the keywords identification in the previous analysis. Rich content and ease of navigation are other important factors that are taken into account by Google .

Link building
Build a system of stable and permanent links that directs traffic to the site  for the purpose of showing authority to search engines.