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Edisfera internet projects

edisfera designs and provides solutions capable of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes on the Internet.

eBusiness is a model that offers the opportunity to redefine the company’s boundaries and contents making extensive use of new technologies in order create value with the advantage of integrating the company’s internal and external processes, cancelling time and distance, and generating fast, reliable and personalized services.

In these circumstances, edisfera provides services and business consulting to reproduce on Internet the customer’s B2C and B2B processes and business models.

edisfera supports its customers in the development projects on the following areas.


Application Development

We have the professionalism and expertise to study the application of ebusiness tailored to your company. We do not sell software that you will need to learn to manage on your own. We offer turn-key solutions, with nonstop and long-term support and advice.


eCommerce Development

We design and develop e-commerce solutions.

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eBooking Development

We design and develop systems able to generate booking reservations with instant confirmation in order to turn your users into buyers. Our solutions are suitable mainly for hotels, real estate agencies, travel web portals, airlines, marinas, tour operators, and travel agencies.


eLearning Development

We design and develop solutions for distance learning and online training.


CRM & Database Support

We design and develop solutions for customer management (Customer Relationship Management) and contact, online data acquisition, online registration to events and online bookings of gift or gadgets.


ICT services (Information and Comunication Technology )

  • Network : design, configuration and optimization
  • Windows environments: configuration and optimization
  • MS-SQL Server Database: installation, configuration and optimization
  • Database: designing and optimizing
  • Identifying and providing hardware and software solutions ad hoc
  • System Integration applications : design and implementation


Why invest in eBusiness?

To increase margin on revenues by shortening the distribution chain, directly reaching the final consumer and ensuring the products and services’ original quality.

To ensure that implementing an e-business project and promoting it online is affordable even for small and medium companies. For example, an eCommerce website is an alternative sales channel that allows you to reach new markets in Italy and abroad, especially for small and medium “made-in-Italy” companies which have high-quality products but do not have their own shops or distributors.

The low cost of intermediation on online sales allows you to put lower priced products on the market compared to traditional distribution, and therefore, have an aggressive pricing.

In Italy, internet users have reached 27 million. Despite the crisis, in 2011 e-commerce in Italy has grown by about 17% over the previous year and sales generated by e-commerce sites have had a turnover of around 7.6 billion euro. (Source: Data Observatory Milan Polytechnic)