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Edisfera internet projects

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, web marketing and internet marketing, aims to promote products and services over the internet.

"Turn your Internet traffic into visitors and then into paying customers". This is the purpose of any eMarketing strategy.

Companies now have access to the global market thanks to online promotion services and can take advantage of the lower costs for the distribution of information on the web and reach qualified and selected targets.

What is the use of having a website if people don’t know about it? You need to enhance your investment and increase online presence and visibility. How can this be achieved? Via techniques such as organic ranking on search engines and social media, email marketing campaigns, pay per click and banner advertising.

Edisfera specializes in helping companies to promote services and products on the Internet. Through careful analysis of market and target audience, we develop online marketing strategies aimed at maximizing online presence, increasing traffic and contacts.

Edisfera’s eMarketing strategies are aimed at strengthening and promoting the company’s image, launching products and services, managing client acquisition, developing new markets and loyalty in user experience. In particular, these are areas in which we carry out eMarketing:

Search Engine Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Web Advertising