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Edisfera internet projects

Whether to create a company’s corporate identity and image, launch a new product or design a brand or a logo in order to communicate with customers, partners, distributors or resellers, edisfera provides efficient and creative support for your advertising and communication strategies.


Corporate & Brand Identity

The success of every business, product or service is founded on the importance of being easily identified by its target market. How? Through a visual image that makes it distinctive in the market. Corporate and brand identity are made of graphic elements (drawings, symbols, characters) which convey the essence of a company or a brand to the consumer. In particular, the logo is the symbol that represents the company brand and makes it unique and recognizable. This is why the creative aspect must merge with the communication needs of the business. edisfera specializes in creating a company or a product / service’s corporate and brand identity, the design of logos and trademarks, and corporate image (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.).


Visual Design & Publishing

edisfera creates visual design solutions for both institutional communication and advertising which includes printed products, illustrations and web format. As for publishing, edisfera deals with graphic format creation, preparation of original texts, layout and production of printed plans and also produces brochures, flyers, posters, displays, panels, invitations, mouse pads, guides, information sheets and so on.



edisfera offers advertising solutions to help companies to design and create messages and announcements through objective, target and concept definition. Our creative team will ensure that all the aspects of art direction, design and copywriting of the image will have the main goal of hitting the target group’s sensitivity so they can differentiate themselves from competitors.


Copywriting and Translation

edisfera specializes in the design and drafting of professional content for:

  • web and multimedia (websites texts, articles, blogs, dem, newsletters, seo optimization, landing pages, etc.)
  • print (texts for press releases, press releases, advertorials, editorials, claims and slogans for advertising, etc.)
  • corporate communications and publications (company profile, brochures, product sheets, brand-name, articles, invitations, case studies, company magazines, white papers, etc.)  

If required, edisfera also provides multilingual content translation service.