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Edisfera Products

The products below have been developed by our expert team and are available as customizable applications. Each of these products are web based applications which has been developed in Microsoft ASP.NET/SQL Server.


Publishing & Advertising Planner

Do you need to manage the schedule and production of your advertising campaigns and work with different means of communication? Are you tired of nagging the agency, constantly repeating briefs and instructions and racing against the clock ? Do you have trouble remembering technical specifications required by the printing house for your advertising and headings needs?
Edisfera has developed the solution to your problems by creating the Publishing & Advertising Planner. This is a planning and management work tool shared by both client and agency. It enhances your planning and recording of timing and phases of effective implementation of labour starting from release dates of advertisements (from brief to delivery). In particular, our system is able to:

  • automatically calculate, starting from the release date, the delivery and launching date for each publication and type of advertising, according to the deadlines set by the customer
  • register the brief record of each work program and see whether or not it has been included
  • assign to each type of advertising the specifications required by the printing house or other
  • classify on-going activity as a new creation, adaptation or standard repetitions of the same work on multiple releases
  • report emergencies, i.e. jobs for which the date of entry or modification of the brief is close to its release date in respect to the required processing period
  • send daily progress email reports  

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Online Registration Tool

Are you planning an online event and want to invite users to join in? Do you want to organize a training session with your dealers/sellers and manage registrations online? Do you want to distribute gifts to newly registered users? Our Online Registration Tool was developed precisely to satisfy these needs. Also, it will support the company who deals with CRM and has the need to build a customer database and manage customer retention tools. It is, in fact, an online registration form which enables the user, after authentication by the rules of double opt-in (see privacy regulations), to handle reservations and registrations for:

  • events
  • training
  • gifts and gadgets
  • services

The application lets you register new users and/or update existing customers by the means of a pre-loading in the database. In fact, users who are authenticated through email and password will be able to revalidate their own data without re-writing it. The module can be integrated on any website and customized ad hoc.

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