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Edisfera internet projects

Once your website has been optimized and holds a top position in search engines, it is time to start the customer loyalty user experience program, for example using web marketing tools to push your product such as direct email marketing campaigns and online newsletters.

Why e-mails?

  • 80% of time is spent on this communication channel, the remaining 20% is divided between fax and telephone.
  • It costs 10 times less than a postal mailing
  • It is measurable (possibility to count the opens, clicks and bounces)
  • It provides good results in maintaining contact with clients (loyalty) and generates website traffic developing major probability for up-selling or cross-selling.

Edisfera offers planning and management services for email and newsletter campaigns both from a publishing-advertising (creation and production of graphic design and messages) and technological (mailing management and statistics analysis) point of view.

For both solutions:

  • We create and provide graphic design and messages.
  • We develop compatible HTML with the most important E- mail systems.
  • We manage e-mailing lists (e.g. wrong addresses, full email accounts, manual or automatic answers, e-mail list removals etc.).
  • We manage e-mail marketing through an advanced platform.
  • We provide statistics which allows to have real time reports on opens (open rate), clicks (click through rate of click to open rate) and bounces for every single user or group, for every newsletter or campaign.


DEM or Newsletter?

The newsletter is addressed to proper lists of registered users, it is periodical and has a predetermined graphic-editorial structure (e.g. the newsletter matches the website and communicates messages throughout time).
The DEM can be addressed to other lists (e.g. purchased or rented lists), it’s an occasional communication, it has an original graphic design e promotes a specific product/service (product launch, event promotion etc.)