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Edisfera internet projects

Edisfera offers online advertising solutions tailored to customer needs using more efficient tools and careful planning of content, objectives, targets, media, and budget.

Our web advertising activities concern campaign banners, display advertising and keywords advertising (or pay per click).

Whether you want to create brand awareness or increase sales of a product, our art direction and copywriting skills will support you in creating effective and assertive messages designed specifically for each type of media not only to reach a growing number of clicks but to convert the website traffic (visits) into contacts and/or sales.

What is web advertising?

Online advertising is the art of using the Internet as a means of delivering marketing messages to an identified and intended audience. It is useful to attract traffic on the website and to give visibility to the brand (brand awareness), but first of all online advertising is designed to persuade the customer to engage in a specific action, such as making a purchase.

The different types of web advertising

There are many different types of advertising and it can be difficult to know which ones to invest in. Here are the main ones:

  • Banner Campaigns (more used in the past and less common today)

  • Adv campaign on social media

  • Content Marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Search engine advertising (including PPC)

  • Display advertising (including banner ads and retargeting), in which the message is placed on third-party websites with a direct link to your website.

  • Mobile ADV through mobile app advertising, push notifications, SMS / text messaging and MMS.

  • Affiliate links within specific affiliate programs

  • Adv in videos

How to select the best web advertising strategies for your business?

It can be difficult to figure out which tools are best for your business and your budget.

For example, if you are a small business with a relatively low marketing budget, you may want to want cost-effective emails with low social media options, and SEO marketing campaigns.

If you have more flexibility, however, you'll use to use as many strategies as possible, to maximize the effectiveness of the message and reach more consumers.

Before starting, we suggest you make sure your website is designed to generate conversions.

You can make a lot of money in SEO and PPC, but if the website isn't professional and intuitive, it's unlikely you'll get the results you want. Users need to find your site, but once they get there, they also need to be able to find the information they need to become your customers. 

Finally, the biggest benefit of online advertising is that it's easy to track and improve your campaigns. It's easy to see the return on investment and make changes to improve your ROI on the go.

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