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Ecommerce tailor-made

Developing an eCommerce web site: definition of the main aspects

In a eCommerce project you must be asses the following aspects: 


Strategic aspects
  1. Market definition 
  2. Study of internet market
  3. Study of online competition
  4. Definition of the IT solution to be used (which software platform, the multilingual management, hosting, internet bandwidth, database, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, SSL certificates, etc.)
  5. Communication and Marketing Planning (choice of eShop name, ranking on search engines, Pay Per Click campaigns, offline advertising, promotional campaigns, etc.)
  6. Administrative organization (what forms of payment are provided) and logistics (selection of courier, shipping procedures, returns management)


Operative aspects
  • Logistics management (order and shipping execution) focusing on type on products (Is it perishable? Require special packaging?) 
  • Administrative management (payment verification, returns management)
  • Management product catalog (start up implementation and content maintenance and update over time)
  • Website management (start up loading and content maintenance and update over time)
  • Management of marketing activities (defined in the strategic plan)
  • Analysis of statistics (to evaluate the behavior of visitors, conversion rates, etc.)
  • Chose the payment method (contract between the customer and the supplier of the payment platform)
  • Chose the provider of logistic and shipping
  • Customer care and help desk


Financial aspects

The cost of a eCommerce project therefore derives from the sum of the costs of the aspects mentioned above, both in terms of IT infrastructure and in terms of costs of suppliers who must be involved (eg, shipping costs, costs for online payment transactions, costs of advertising, updating eCommerce website and online catalog, etc ). 


An integrated solution

Edisfera has the skills and experience to provide an integrated solution that includes all aspects of project of eCommerce website: from design to IT platform,from online promotion to upgrade management over time. We leave to you only logistics management and administration aspects.

On request we also have the expertise to deal with the study and creation of photo of products to be included in the catalog. The photos of product are essential to sell on the internet.

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