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Online the new Folindex.it, historical Brand Portal of Italfarmaco
October 2016

New graphic, new editorial content dedicated to the public and a medical area with restricted access, are the key points of the new www.folindex.it web site project, an historical brand portal of Italfarmaco created back in 2006 by Edisfera.

The site is dedicated to the promotion of the use of the folic acid during pregnancy, in line with the recommendations of the world health organizations and the National Institute of Health in Italy that recommend the taking of 400 mcg of folic acid during the periconceptional period as prevention of the congenital defects.

The new site was developed in responsive design, optimized for viewing on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The design is aesthetically pleasant and at the same time essential to facilitate the use of content and navigation.

The new editorial plan designed by Edisfera provides information on folic acid to the public (what it is, where can be found, why and when to take it, the value of prevention through supplementation). At the same time, it is a space dedicated to the registered doctors with information about this drug.

The connotation is therefore highly informative.

With the new Folindex.it, there are now 8 web sites created, managed, and regularly updated by Edisfera for Italfarmaco in nearly 10 years. A true case history of the application of the web content marketing to the pharmaceutical industry.

Here is the home page of the new brand portal:

Online the new Folindex.it, historical Brand Portal of Italfarmaco