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Edisfera realize Berth Reviews, new online project for nautical tourism
May 2016

www.berthreviews.com is a new service dedicated to all yacthers who want to express and share a personal opinion on marinas where they stayed.

Through the web site, yacthers can enter a free review that reports the overall opinion on the marina and a rate on the services offered, the quality of the mooring, the location, the cleanliness and the quality/price ratio.

Berth Reviews is a service from the yacthers point of view that helps in planning their holidays at sea and in the selection of a marina that best meets their expectations.

The website is for the moment in Italian and English, and allows the insertion of reviews in both languages.

Despite an original and aesthetically appealing design, the website has been realized essentially simple in the use of its functions: Read or Write a Review, almost like an APP. In fact, the development of the website in responsive design makes it usable by the mobile devices and makes it usable in motion by yachters who want to write reviews even when sailing.

Finally Berth Reviews is also a valuable tool for reputation management that allows each marina to measure the perception that their guests have of their structure and services, so that they can further improve the quality of the offer and their competitiviness on the international nautical tourism market.

After Welcome Sailor and Berth Booking Engine, the Berth Reviews is the third project that Edisfera realize for yachters and marinas market.

Edisfera realize Berth Reviews, new online project for nautical tourism