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Edisfera realizes Natalbenprima.it, the new Brand Portal of Italfarmaco
April 2016

Natalbenprima.it is the new web site of Italfarmaco, realized by Edisfera and dedicated to Natalben Prima, a dietary supplement designed to additional nutritional intake of women in the preconception period. 

The web site is not only dedicated to the integrator brand, but was developed with an important information connotation. In fact, in the web site are present depth articles on lifestyle, nutrition, health and vitamin requirements of a woman of childbearing age. Instead, the section dedicated to Natalben Prima describe especially the benefits of supplementation in the preconception period and the composition of nutrients and vitamins of the integrator. 

The new site was developed in responsive design optimized for viewing on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). The design is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time essential to facilitate the use of content and navigation. 

With the release of the new brand portal Edisfera brings to 8 the number of web sites created, managed and updated for Italfarmaco in nearly 10 years. A good case history in the web content marketing application on the pharmaceutical industry, which allowed Edisfera to build a consolidated bond with this important pharmaceutical company.

The home page of new website:

Edisfera realizes Natalbenprima.it, the new Brand Portal of Italfarmaco