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Edisfera called to realize Biomedical Foscama Group new web store
February 2016

Realized by Edisfera, www.vogliadistarbene.it is the new Biomedica Foscama Group web store aimed at promoting and selling online of dietary supplements produced by this long-standing pharmaceutical company. 

This project represents one of the first Italian eCommerce web sites owned and managed directly by a pharmaceutical company. 

VOGLIA DI STAR BENE WEB STORE is committed to promoting health, well-being and improving the quality of life, thus the slogan "Just a click to feel good!"

The dietary supplements that can be bought from the web store are part of a product line branded Voglia di star bene. 

Each supplement has its specific area of application but all of them share the same goal: improve the quality of life through the restoration of the balance of the body. 

At the side of the web store, the project consists also of a number of digital and content marketing activities aimed at promoting and increasing the visibility and the traffic of the website, such as search engine marketing (SEM), web content marketing, direct email marketing (DEM), social media marketing and web advertising campaigns.

Biomedical Foscama Group, an Italian pharmaceutical company that operates in the international market, is active in research and development, production and marketing of drugs, freeze-dried products and food supplements. 

After Italfarmaco, Biomedical Foscama Group is the second important customer of Edisfera in the pharmaceutical sector. For Gaspare Carrani, general manager Edisfera, "This new project represents an important confirmation for our digital agency, which has once again shown professionalism and competence in the development of web applications, digital strategies and content marketing, specifically thought for the pharmaceutical industry ".

The home page of www.vogliadistarbene.it:

Edisfera called to realize Biomedical Foscama Group new web store