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Edisfera Company

Responsive design and mobile-friendly websites for Italfarmaco brand portal
September 2015

edisfera releases new versions in responsive design of www.natalben.it, www.inofert.it and www.natalbeninsieme.it, the three historic websites which has built and manage for Italfarmaco

edisfera activities concern the development and optimization of code, applications, forms and graphics for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The technical solution adopted was that of RESPONSIVE DESIGN. 

Also newsletter matched to the website were made mobile-friendly. 

For each brand portal, the code was rewritten in HTML5 / CSS 3 and MEDIA QUERIES in optical responsive. And all the graphics not compatible have been redesigned. 

The new version of www.natalben.it is radically different from the previous. In fact, considering that the first realise was in 2008, Edisfera wanted to recreate totally graphic and editorial project to make them in line with current design trends and user experience. 

This included the renovation of the three FLASH applications in HTML5 / CSS 3 which are now perfectly working on smartphones. Be mobile-friendly is an added value to the brand portal of Italfarmaco also in ranking on Google search results. 

In fact, from April 2015, the American search engine has started to penalize the ranking of all the sites that are not optimized to be seen on mobile devices.