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Edisfera Company

Edisfera acquires Biomedica Foscama Group as new pharmaceutical customer
May 2015

Biomedica Foscama Group S.p.A. choses Edisfera to manage their digital marketing activities for its line of dietary supplements.

The pharmaceutical company, operating in the international market since 1947, is engaged in research and development, production and marketing of drugs, lyophilized products and dietary supplements.

The digital marketing activities proposed to this new client by Edisfera are aimed to increase both the brand awareness of the Biomedica’s dietary supplements on the net and the promotion of their sales.

In particular, the eight dietary supplements are part of a product line branded Voglia di star bene, each with different function but all of them sharing the same goal: the improvement of the quality of life reached by the restoration of the balance of the body.

In addition to the development of the new brand portal, Edisfera is also in charge of all the activities of digital and content marketing, with the aim of promoting and increasing the visibility and traffic of the website. Therefore, activities of Search Engine Marketing and production and updating of content, delivered also through newsletter, DEM and social channels, will be essential.

Biomedical Foscama is a major customer of Edisfera in the pharmaceutical sector together with Italfarmaco.

According to Maria Letizia Serra , head of marketing and communication at Edisfera, "this new customer is an important proof that our company has the right level of professionalism and competence in the development of web applications, content and marketing initiatives for the pharmaceutical industry."