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Online Italfarmaco’s new brand portal realized by Edisfera
March 2015

www.natalbeninsieme.it is the new brand portal realized by Edisfera for Italfarmaco.

The portal is about the product Natalben Insieme, a dietary integrator designed to supplement the nutritional intake of women during breastfeeding.

This website is not just dedicated to the integrator, but is also a strong informative portal. In fact, the site develops topics like whole process of breastfeeding and its various types (breast, mixed, artificial), healthier nutrition for moms and babies during breastfeeding, issues concerning vaccinations, teething and most popular products in the age of breastfeeding.

The part of website dedicated to Natalben Insieme describes the benefits of maternal supplementation during lactation and its composition of nutrients and vitamins. In particular, Natalben Insieme is the only dietary supplement that contains taurine, an essential amino acid for the development of the baby whose intake can only be made through the breast milk.

The website design is appealing and pleasant but at the same time essential to facilitate the use of content and navigation.

After www.folindex.it, www.natalben.it, www.acticand30.it and www.inofert.it, www.natalbeninsieme.it is the fifth brand informative portal realized by Edisfera for Italfarmaco, thus confirming a successful and lasting partnership with this important pharmaceutical group.