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Edisfera Company

CODED NOTES - Born on edisfera.eu the new blog directed to "those in the field"
March 2015

Gaspare Carrani, general manager and IT expert at edisfera, is going to share on the net some of his notes about web application and software development. These notes are the result of an expertise in the IT and eBusiness fields of almost 30 years.

Posts are "code snippets" useful to solve common .NET web programming problems.

Posts are published in Italian and English, the latter being the most used language on the net by the experts when looking for these king of information.

Techniques, shortcuts, lines of code, settings, stored procedures, data, values and much more are addressed by this blog.

Every post is structured as notes, like those used by students at the university. Therefore, the blog name "Coded Notes".

The aim is to "fix not-to-forget" strategic and fundamental steps adopted in our day-by-day work when designing and programming web applications and to share experiences and know-how with an open source and educational value approach.

For those interested and in the field of .NET web programming, the first post ".NET SqlHelper class and Table-value parameters" is now available.