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Edisfera Company

Edisfera was chosen for the realization of stand creativity for Avis Budget Italy
October 2013

For the third consecutive year Edisfera was chosen for the realization of creativity of advertising and institutional panels to be displayed on the stand of Avis Budget Italy Spa during the International fair of tourism, TTG Incontri, held in Rimini from 17 to 19 October 2013.

This major car rental company worldwide owns the Avis and Budget brands, whose characteristics are different but complementary.

Budget is aimed at a young and simple target, which ensures quality of service with an eye focused on convenience and savings. Avis instead, aimed its rates to those who do not renounce to comfort and exclusivity, a demanding target and willing to spend.

Specifically, as regards Budget, 4 creativity focused on the communication from the ease and speed of online booking and promoting special rates 3. In selecting the images and copy Edisfera has privileged the humour and irony (creativity without thoughts), the authenticity of experience and simple life lived (creative basic rate) and the fun, transforming an image in a fun and original experience.

For Avis all of creativities are focused on the concept of premium service, rental of prestige and style, but also the idea that Avis is a car rental that is attentive to the people and is able to satisfy every request of his client.