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Edisfera Company

Edisfera manages the corporate website of Shiseido Italy
January 2013

In 2013, the collaboration between Edisfera and Shiseido Italy, the famous Japanese cosmetics company, continues and it is enriched by additional services.

In particular, with the start of the new year Edisfera manages the corporate website www.shiseido.it.

Last year Edisfera created for this client the website “formazione.shiseido.it” dedicated to perfume brand dealership sales staff’s training and post-training area. Currently Edisfera is managing the updates of this website as well.

The collaboration between Shiseido Italy and Edisfera extends to the provisioning of web marketing activities and development of web application supporting CRM activities.

In particular, Edisfera is responsible for the newsletter/DEM creation and sending (direct email marketing), and for the development of applications supporting Shiseido in its online marketing activities.