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Edisfera Company

Edisfera designs and produces the Diary of Pregnancy for Italfarmaco
October 2012

This year, Natalben.it, a website about pregnancy built in 2008 by Edisfera for the Gynecologic Business Unit of Italfarmaco, has achieved excellent results in terms of traffic and popularity, reaching an average of 27,000 visits in the last quarter.

At the end of October 2012, the website offered to its users The Diary of Pregnancy, a downloadable PDF file that, once printed, can be used daily to note down one's progress in motherhood.

The Diary of Pregnancy has been graphically and editorially designed and produced by Edisfera.

On the same website, Edisfera has recently developed and published an online application capable of calculating the calories of some of the most popular foods.

The 2012 represents the 7th successive year that the Gynecologic Business Unit of Italfarmaco chooses Edisfera as its service provider for Internet projects and web marketing.

After the making of the brand-portals Folindex.it (a website about the preconceptional prevention achieved by the supplementation of folic acid), Natalben.it (a website about pregnancy), Saforelle.it (a website on the intimate soothing solution produced by Italfarmaco) and Inofert.it (a website about female infertility and PCOS), Edisfera is called to produce the new web site Profert-Uomo.it about the male infertility.

For most of these websites, Edisfera is involved in the graphic design, content publishing, application development, database and content management platform installation and maintenance, email newsletter production and mailing, web marketing campaigns through SEO and Google AdWords campaigns.