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Edisfera develops and customizes its Online Registration Tool for Shiseido Italy
April 2012

In addition to email marketing services and visual design, Edisfera extends its collaboration with Shiseido Italy through the creation of several web development activities.

Particularly, Edisfera customized for the renown cosmetics company its “Online Registration Tool”, a web application that supports some of Shiseido's online CRM activities, such as the user’s request for free samples or registration to attend special events.
Firstly, Edisfera customized the online registration form so that it would allow the company, after authentication in accordance with the regulations on privacy, to manage the users’ requests to receive a "gift" of cosmetic samples. Secondly, the application has been customized to manage, always according to the law on privacy, online reservations and registrations to events and training courses, limited enrollments and waiting lists. Moreover, the application makes it possible to register new users and / or update existing customers, providing a valuable assistance to the construction of a client database.

The application has been linked to a DEM campaign and to Facebook which promotes the initiative on the web. In addition to software development Edisfera was also in charge of visual design and DEM graphics.