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Edisfera Company

Edisfera creates the institutional website: Appeal Strategy & Finance, Alessandro Profumo’s financial boutique
March 2012

Edisfera creates and publishes www.appealpartners.eu  for the new (independent) international financial consultancy “Strategy & Finance”. It was founded in 2011 by Alessandro Profumo and other managers from the world's financial institutions and consulting firms such as Isidoro Lucciola, founder of Lucciola & Partners (an established  Edisfera’s customer) and Paolo Cavallo. The website was conceived  in a simple and essential design to describe the activities,  mission and team of the new entry in the world of international finance.

The graphic concept used  framed information within a slideshow of  spectacular bridges, symbolizing long-term growth and links between businesses and new markets. "A bridge is built for the future, a long lasting solution to a present need" as stated on the home page.

This Internet website is Edisfera’s third project in the financial world,  together with Lucciola & Partners (www.lucciolapartners.com) and Loan Agency Services (www.loan-agency.eu).