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Edisfera realizes the new brand portal Natalben Family
March 2017

Edisfera implements the new graphic-editorial restyling for the Italfarmaco brand portal "Natalben.it", online since 2008 and already reviewed during 2015 in "responsive design" optics.

www.natalben.it merges with the other two brand portals: www.natalbeninsieme.it (dedicated to breastfeeding) and www.natalbenprima.it (dedicated to preconceptional age) and becomes a single "family" portal under the domain of Natalben.it.

The project envisaged an extension and reorganization of the new site's graphic-editorial layout with a new content and navigation tree that includes thematic areas, online tools and headlines of the all three brand sites.

The advantage now is to have a single online reference point for all topics related to maternity (before, during and after), with an area dedicated to presenting the line of Natalben supplements.

In addition edisfera, is also involved in the digital marketing annual activities related to this portal: content marketing, email marketing, SEO and social media marketing.

This is another important "step" in the "ten-year collaboration" between edisfera and Italfarmaco.

Here is the home of the new Natalben Family:

Natalben Family Home Page