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SEO Services and LINK BUILDING for a new USA customer in travel area
January 2019

Its name is E. Authorization LLC, based in Miami Beach, Florida, and manages the "Usa Travel Authorization Agency", specialized in the online delivery of ESTA tourists visas, requested by the american government since 2009, before embarking for the USA.

From May 2018 and throughout the course of 2019 E. Authorization LLC has chosen edisfera for the realization in Italy of SEO services, and in particular for the implementation of link building activities in Italian for the website www.application-esta.us, web portal through which you can request in a few clicks the Esta online, the procedure for all citizens belonging to the VWP (travel program without a visa).

For edisfera, E. Authorization LLC is the first international client who relies on digital marketing services (SEO and Link Building) located in Italy. The first result of a campaign that saw edisfera present itself on the international market as a digital marketing partner for those abroad who are interested in marketing and business in Italy.

"We are convinced that each market has its own unique distinctiveness - says Maria Letizia Serra, Edisfera's Content & Marketing Manager – so even if your business is global, you have localize marketing and promotion on each country's peculiarities, if you want to have success”.