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Edisfera Company

edisfera realizes the new job matching platform TALENT4COMP
January 2020

Edisfera designs and develops the new jobmatching web platform on behalf of its new client LEARLAB, a company specializing in economic-political consultancy in the field of competition and antitrust regulation: TALENT4COMP.com.

Talent4Comp is a feature of the Lear Competition Festival (LCF) that aims at fostering the interaction between young talents and organizations in the field of competition law and economics, policy assessment and regulation.

Concrete recruitment services are offered through an innovative platform and the recruiting sessions of the LCF, which aims at broadening job matching opportunities in the field.

Talent4Comp is indeed much more than an online tool. Once the online matching is done, students or graduates and organizations have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in person on the occasion of the recruiting sessions that will take place during the LCF.

The platform was developed in the Microsoft environment in .net language.

Thanks to attractive and intuitive graphics, simple and guided navigation and support content, the talent4comp.com website guarantees both usability and a satisfactory user experience.