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edisfera realizes the new institutional website of Effik Italia
September 2019

New website renewed in graphics and content for Effik Italia, the new pharmaceutical customer of edisfera.

Effik, an international group, created Effik Italia in 2001, with the aim of becoming a reference point in Italian gynecology and women's health: from contraception to menopause, passing through pregnancy and bacterial and fungal infections.

edisfera designed the concept of the site by giving ample space to the real protagonists of Effik's mission: women in every phase of their life.
The new graphic-editorial project was in fact designed to better communicate the concept and values that underlie Effik's activity: captivating images and detailed information on all the activities of the pharmaceutical company and the Group, are just some of the features of the new www.effik.it, developed in responsive design and optimized for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

The site is structured in such a way as to be easy for everyone to use.

Browsing through the menus, you can find:

  • The history of the Group
  • Product information: section for the public and section for healthcare professionals
  • Section dedicated to Pharmacovigilance, fundamental for the control and surveillance of drugs on the market
  • Work with us section where you can apply by sending your CV
  • Contacts

Effik.it is another example of the application of web content marketing in the pharmaceutical sector, which has allowed edisfera to build a consolidated link in the management of internet projects in the world of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.