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Edisfera Company

Edisfera creates Immunorm.it, new brand portal for INPHA NUTRACEUTICALS
September 2020

Edisfera designs and builds a new website in the nutraceutical field. It is called www.immunorm.it and is a brand portal dedicated to a food supplement in the immunological field, created by the italian nutraceutical company Inpha Duemila.

The brand portal was conceived as an onepage website that presents the new product on the market, with the aim of being the landing page for the off and online advertising campaign that the company has launched. In particular, Edisfera also managed the PPC campaign on Google on behalf of Inpha.

The editorial project allows you to learn more about the function of each active ingredient and, thanks to the infographics, illustrates how to use the product.

The brand portal was also designed to becoming a larger website, not only by adding the other supplements of the Immunorm line that Inpha has created, but also by implementing digital and content marketing developments.

The new web site has been developed in responsive design and therefore optimized for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). The design is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time essential to facilitate the use of content and navigation.

The collaboration between Inpha and Edisfera therefore continues and strengthens: “We have been managing digital activities on behalf of this client for 3 years now, building a relationship of mutual trust and satisfaction”, comments Maria Letizia Serra, Edisfera's communications and marketing manager.

A client who consolidates, among other things, the specialization of edisfera for communication and web marketing in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields.

Here is the home of the new brand portal: