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New brand portal for our client Inpha Nutraceuticals: Resmed3.it
January 2021

Resmed3.it is the new brand portal created by Edisfera for Inpha Duemila, an innovative Italian company in the field of production and marketing of nutraceutical products.

This is a website dedicated to a food supplement for woman health in menopause.

The site was designed as a website one page that represents the landing point of the marketing and advertising campaigns off and online launched by the company.

Edisfera also manages the online advertising campaign on the Google search engine.

Target, active ingredients, methods of use and product characteristics are well highlighted within a graphic-editorial project created in responsive design.

This is the third brand portal after Immunorm.it and Alliendo.it that Edisfera creates for Inpha, for which it has also managed the corporate website www.inpha.it for three years, together with the SEO and Content Marketing activities.

An important customer for Edisfera which increasingly specializes in offering digital marketing and ebusiness solutions in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector.

Here is the home of the new brand portal: