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Atelier Piras 1953 entrusts edisfera with the digital marketing of La Promise, the new bride’s dreambox
December 2020

New customer for edisfera in the sartorial field of bridal fashion: Atelier Piras 1953, a historic brand in Sardinia in the tailoring and sale of wedding dresses, synonymous with creativity and elegance for almost 70 years.

For the launch of La Promise, a new and original dreambox designed for the bride, the Atelier entrusted edisfera with the digital marketing activities for its online promotion.

The digital marketing strategy implemented by edisfera concerned:

  • the creation of a brand portal dedicated to La Promise, with a landing page function for ADV online campaigns
  • social media marketing activities with the launch and management of sponsored campaigns for promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

In the near future, SEO activities will also be implemented for positioning on search engines, ADV campaigns on Google and email marketing activities to retain acquired customers.

The goal of the digital strategy is to bring qualified traffic to the brand portal and therefore create online visibility and brand awareness of the new product, acquire contacts via the internet that turn into purchase conversions. In fact, the possibility of eCommerce is not excluded in the near future.

New customer in Sardinia for edisfera, which integrates content, design and internet technologies to support company, including local ones, to make their business world wide known.

Website link and home page: https://lapromise.piras1953.com/