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2021: Video, eBook, infographics, tools and online calculators for the Italfarmaco brand portals
January 2021

2021 once again sees Content Marketing, SEO and Email marketing, the protagonists of the digital marketing activities that Italfarmaco, an Italian multinational company in the pharmaceutical sector, has entrusted to edisfera in the management of its brand portals.

This year our web editorial staff will also design and implement annual editorial plans to update and promote Italfarmaco brand portals on the Internet.

In particular, these are the websites of the Gynecology Business Unit, which in addition to presenting and being dedicated to the company's products, offer insights and interactive content on the issues of fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant care, folic acid and menopause.

Editorial quality of content and usability have been the secret of the success of these web projects for years, conceived, created and managed by edisfera over the last decade for Italfarmaco. The integration of Content Marketing, SEO activities and email marketing has increased organic and qualified traffic on brand portals, create brand awareness and loyalty and optimal positioning in search engines.

Also for 2021, edisfera will therefore continue to design and create scientific insights, videos, infographics, tools and interactive tools, content that is increasingly appreciated and requested by web users, especially for the ease of sharing on social and video channels, with the aim to grow even more in traffic and online visibility.

Natalben.it, Flaviamenopausa.it, Folindex.it, Inofert.it, Gynefam.it, Sonidor.it are the brand portals that edisfera has created and manages on behalf of Italfarmaco.

A collaboration that has lasted for fifteen years and that has also led edisfera to the creation and management of the corporate websites of Italfarmaco (www.italfarmaco.com) and its subsidiary Effik Italia (www.effik.it), including the development of targeted software applications.

A real case history of applying eBusiness and digital marketing in the pharmaceutical sector.