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Trendfarma: new customer in the nutraceutical sector for edisfera
December 2022

È già online

Trendfarma, a Roman nutraceutical company, chooses edisfera for online communication and digital marketing, through the creation of the new institutional website, online promotion and management of social networks. 

Www.trendfarma.it, the new website of the company (signed by Edisfera), renewed in graphics and contents, is already online. 

Publishing and advertising activities on social networks have started a few months ago. 

The graphic-editorial project is contemporary, impactful and captivating in the presentation of the contents. The layout communicates Trendfarma's innovation, modernity, originality. 

The concept blends the institutional and the commerci of the company in a single website, inserting the "call to action" for online purchases where possible and always showing the links to the social channels and the Amazon store. 

The goal is to achieve coordinated and integrated online visibility with all communication and online sales tools. 

For this client, edisfera also manages content marketing and SEO activities, as well as ADV campaigns on search engines, email marketing activities and social network management. 

Trendfarma, active since 2010, is a modern, original nutraceutical company. With a strategic marketing approach and an innate international vocation, it registered its own portfolio of products in the cardio-metabolic, neurological and other specialist areas. 

www.trendfarma.it has been developed in responsive design and optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). 

Trendfarma is edisfera's sixth customer in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical digital marketing sector, which contributes to increasing edisfera's skills and experiences in managing internet projects in the Health and Pharma sector.