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New release of the institutional website of Inpha Nutraceuticals
February 2023

Inpha.it, the institutional website of the lombard nutraceutical company Inpha 2000, which edisfera has been managing since 2018, has a new version: dynamic, contemporary and above all with a "high scientific rationale", consistent with the company's role on the nutritional supplements market. 

In fact, the new site presents Inpha as a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development of high quality nutraceuticals, underlining its role in the research and use of natural bioactive substances in the prevention and treatment of many pathologies. 

Compared to the previous version, focused more on the product brand, the contents of the new site highlight Inpha's institutional commitment at national and international level and the mission to include its presence in foreign markets. 

The new portal was developed in responsive design and is therefore mobile friendly, and uses a Content Management System in the microsoft.net environment. Edisfera also provides the site hosting service, protecting data with an SSL security protocol and accurate encryption. 

Inpha Nutraceuticals is one of edisfera's customers in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector, together with companies such as Italfarmaco, Effik, Lifepharma, Biomedica Foscama Group, Trendfarma. 

Since 2006 edisfera has been developing digital marketing projects in the Health and Pharma sector, showing professionalism and competence in the development of web and ebusiness solutions, SEO activities, content marketing strategies, tools and online promotion initiatives, aimed at the market of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.