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Edisfera internet projects

Social Media Marketing: a tool that supports brands

For foreign companies that want invest in social media communication in Italy, edisfera offers a new service: a SOCIAL CENTER in outsourcing, able to manage and produce contents in social media profiles in italian language.

Edisfera Social Center takes care of:

  • improving the brand awareness
  • managing the online brand reputation
  • developing the users interest in new products
  • managing the customer relationship

and its main activities are:

  • editorial planning for social media
  • content management, editing and publishing
  • listening: monitoring and reply to users comments, feedbacks and posts (with the help of a company insider)
  • reporting
  • advertising pay per click campaigns

The Social Center of Edisfera is able to manage the creation of custom profiles on the following social media:

  • Facebook: page group (production sharing, tasks, application creation)
  • Instagram: account, post, stories, video, infographic)
  • Twitter: account (interactions, reply, favorite, DM, hashtags, TT)
  • Linkedin: company page (overview, portfolio, links), group (discussions, moderation)
  • YouTube: profile (theme sharing, video editing)
  • Pinterest: account (boards, pins, portfolio images)

The results of the activities of our Social Center will be evaluated in terms of:

  • traffic (increase new visitors, page views, increased residence time, decreased bounce rate)
  • visibility (post number and frequency)
  • authority (number of users, number of members to blog, many comments)
  • specialization (consistency of content with the product / service you are promoting)
  • popularity (always generate more visits and always attract more unique visitors, number of fans, likes, followers, twit, content sharing, etc.)
  • interest (number of clicks on CPC campaigns and participation in ad hoc initiatives)

Our offer includes customized packages depending on your needs. The total cost depends primarily on the number of profiles, the type of activities and the update frequency of the profiles.

Contact us, even if it is just to get a free quote