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Welcome Sailor - The sea has never been so hospitable

Logo Welcome SailorWelcome Sailor is the eBusiness project created and developed by edisfera for the nautical tourism, for marinas and yachters.

Welcome Sailor is both an international network of indipendent tourist marinas, that share a desire to provide guests with high quality service and a commercial brand that distributes and promotes berths and services offered by its network members worldwide.

For the yachter, who likes nautical tourism, Welcome Sailor is the new free of charge service that allows to book in advance berths and services for their holidays at sea with immediate confirmation.

Welcome Sailor is an application of eMarketing and internet technology to marina's business, through a yield management model based on a strategic use of fee and availability, as already used by hotels and airlines.

Welcome Sailor is aimed at marinas that are like hotels and who want to develop sources of revenue arising from the transit boats and not just from residential stay in the port. And in this area is important the international marketing and distribution of the touristic offers of the marina.

Those choosing a Welcome Sailor marina are seeking more than just a port of call, but also a place that adds value to their experience at sea.

Are you interested? Visit www.welcomesailor.com